Cuidad Guayana

Orinoco Liner Service C.A.
Edif. Torre Lloyd
Calle el Callao
Puerto Ordaz

Phone: +58 286 923 59 91
Fax: +58 286 923 48 98

RIF: J-31397731-4

Cuidad Guayana


Name Function Telephone Mobile E-mailaddress
Mrs Maria Magdalena Caceres Gutierrez Line Representative +58424922 8426


San Felix

Cuidad Guayana

Terminal equipment

Palua (stevedore FAPCO click here)
1 Shore crane 150 mtons
1 Shore crane 400 mtons
Komatsu 9 mtons

Port restriction

All locations, during dry season less water. Have to verify draft with Lloydsudamericano
(or their website)
San Felix During dry season, there is a rock a the oceanside of the ponton, and
draft is less 600 cms

Other limitations

IMO movement, subject line’s, vessel’s and port authority’s approval.