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Woodbrook, Port of Spain

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Trinidad & Tobago


Name Function Telephone Mobile E-mailaddress
Mr. Bill Ramcharan
Ms. Ann Sam Chong


Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corp. Ltd.
Goodrich Bay Road
Point Lisas Port


Terminal equipment

Cranes Port Mannesman 65 mtons
2x Gottwald 100 mtons (in tandem can lift 125 mtons, not exceeding 22 meters radius)
Maximum weight which can be accommodated on dock is ;
Landed by crane 345 mtons
Roll off cargo 500 mtons
Shorecranes 1x 50 tons
1x 30 tons
max. lifting capacity 35 mtons.

Port restriction

Point Lisas
Max. acc. draft 7.8 m (unofficial dredging completed to 12.0m, Plipdeco hope to officially confirm this soon)
Max. acc. LOA 160.0 m
Max. acc. draft 8.0 m
Max. acc. LOA 145.0 m

Other limitations

– Trinidad Sanitation Dept. is insisting on following :
1- No steam clean certificate is required
2- Vehicles rubber wheels and trucks must have no mud/dirt on them,
normal surface dirt/dust is not a problem
3- All vehicles must not contain garbage, loose paper, tins, plastic rubbish etc.,
in cabs or in rear of trucks.
4- Basic standard of cleanness is required.
5- Fumigation certificate against foot & mouth desease
– IMO movement, subject line’s, vessel’s and port authority’s approval.