We have no agent in Germany. Please contact the dutch agent for more information:





Managing Agent Europe Caribbean Line

Vertraco Shipping B.V.
Veldkersweg 35
3053 JR Rotterdam

Phone: TOLL FREE NUMBER 0800 5891757
Fax: +31 10 - 285 87 10
E-mail: info@vertraco.nl
Website: http://www.vertraco.nl

Managing Agent Europe Caribbean Line


Name Function Telephone Mobile E-mailaddress
Gerrie Ubink Managing Director 0800 5891757 ger.ubink@vertraco.nl
Jan Brinkman Manager Marketing & Sales 0800 5891757 jan.brinkman@vertraco.nl

Road limitations

Upto container capacity

Other limitations

IMO movement, subject line’s, vessel’s and port authority’s approval.